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Lex Curiae

floppy hair, blazers, argyle, and oxfords

James Norrington
1 March 1975
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It's the year 2003, not some vague time in the 1700's- and instead of being an up-and-comer in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, James Norrington is a student in his last year of law school, living in a flat in London. He has floppy hair and a fondness for blazers and corduroy. When he's not being studious (which he does very well, and very often), he indulges himself in depressing Russian literature, expensive teas, and walks along the Thames. He frequently goes out drinking with his mates Andrew and Theo. His father is a retired Navy man, and he and James's mother live in a country house in fine, old fashion, which James finds slightly embarrassing.

James doesn't know this, but he is going to end up dating Jack Sparrow.

Should be interesting.

((I am neither Jack Davenport, nor James Norrington- this is a journal created solely for the purpose of fic and rp, and is just for a bit of a lark. This AU is the property of myself, hobbit_feets, and m'colleague earlwyn))
argyle, cooking, crisp autumn afternoons, david bowie, dostoyevsky, drinks-with-andrew-and-theo, electric light orchestra, elizabeth swann, european history, fine wines, franz ferdinand, jack sparrow, jack's 'pearl', king's-college-london-school-of-law, law, long walks, not-having-my-toes-painted-ta-very-much, oscar wilde, playing-piano-when-no-one-else-is-there, protecting my wig, tea, the bbc announcer voice, warm jumpers